Daniel Tyack


My journey is one from deep personal adversity to a life of healing and enlightenment. Raised by a father who was a brilliant inventor and a mother with a deep sense of compassion, I learned early on how to navigate complex systems and connect with people on a profound level. These skills have become the cornerstone of my approach to emotional healing.


My life took an unexpected turn with a series of personal and professional setbacks, including the loss of my business, my wife leaving me and the loss of all significant personal relationships. This period of life completely broke me and I was left at the bottom of a deep hole with no on left to support me. I was on my own, which led me on a quest to understand and heal myself. I delved into various healing modalities, meditated for days, and tried just about everything to find out what worked. Ultimately I experienced a profound transformation and reached a state of true enlightenment.

A defining moment in my journey happened while I was leading a local, daily meditation circle. I was constantly surrounded by spiritual seekers, coaches and other healers. Despite the intent and professions of the people involved, I realized that the majority of them were living in emotional chaos. On the flip side, I found myself in a state of deep peace and realized the extent of my healing. This experience was a turning point, inspiring me to help others find their path to healing and self-discovery.

Emotional Alchemy, an original healing modality, was revealed to me during this transformative period. I can't say that I developed it, as it just came to me one day in meditation. They full system, in it's entirety, was "downloaded" into my consciousness. I have no other way to explain how I discovered it, and I'm forever grateful.

As I continue my journey as a lifelong student, I am excited about teaching and sharing the insights I've gained. My mission is to guide others through their emotional challenges towards a place of inner peace and enlightenment. Join me on this transformative path to discover your true self.

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