Emotional Alchemy - Daniel

This is your path to emotional freedom.
This is a path to inner peace. 

When people finish an emotional alchemy session, they often feel lighter. Their eyes are brighter. There's a smile to replace the pain and a new sense of hope to replace the fear. You're just a step away from emotional freedom. 


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What People Are Saying:

Working with Daniel and Sarah during emotional alchemy sessions has changed my life for the better. These two genuine, compassionate souls readily walk beside you, assisting in lightening the energetic weights we each carry - consciously or not. I couldn’t be happier with the healing, as well as skills that I’ve acquired in processing my own heavy emotions. Thank you so much to you both. I have sincerely enjoyed getting to know you, as well as learning how to heal myself in your welcoming presence.

Caitlin C.

With all of life’s beautiful but sometimes hard lesson to navigate, I am truly thankful for amazing souls like Daniel and Sarah to help guide me through this experience. You never leave a session without feeling like a complete, healed soul again. I am forever grateful for their love and wisdom and kindness. Through this, they have helped me heal old traumas that I’ve been hanging onto forever and their sessions gift me with a whole new awareness and love for myself that I didn’t know was available to me. I have so much love and respect for them and will always consider them as my family. Thank you for that 🙏🏼💜🦋

Chris O.

My emotional alchemy session with Daniel surpassed all expectations. Any nervousness or hesitations I had prior to my session, Sarah quickly reassured me that I was in the right hands with her genuine support and compassion. I am eternally grateful that through my alchemy session, I was finally able to pinpoint the origins of my trauma and release all blockages thereof.. I feel so liberated. I AM FREE! & I finally have a better understanding on what it truly means to walk in your purpose and to live life by the moment. Daniel and Sarah are the REAL DEAL! Thank you both for saving my life.❤️

Alanis B.

My experience with Daniel & Sarah was incredibly uplifting and profound! Very comfortable and easy to talk to them both. Sarah took the time to deeply listen, send her sincere love, and help me figure things out, providing a fresh perspective while I took a walk. My session with Daniel helped me discover and resolve some deep things that I was unaware of. The experience has benefited the relationship with myself, others, and life itself. Liberating and highly recommended to say the least!

David H.

Daniel had such a clear channel to my pain and energy. I was feeding it and he was just waiting to help ME move past my deepest barriers. He understands the human design. Daniel sitting with me and connecting, silenced the chatter in my mind. The static. To know him on a personal level even before his leap into this work has been an honor. He is someone of pure heart, He's built this life and spiritual practice from his own pain and work he's put into his transformation. If you are looking for an unconventional form of wellness HE is the man.

Elia S.

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