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Your Life Is Your Own

Jul 13, 2022

Your life is entirely and completely your own. Every feeling, emotion, reaction and response is entirely your responsibility. These are your feelings, generated from your wold view and translated through your nervous system. The way you feel is based on how you think. Nobody can make you feel the way you do but you, and that's entirely based on your perspective. Check out the video and let me know what you think!



Our lives are so fully and completely our own that to think otherwise is, is simply ignorance and not in a, not in a negative sense, just a simple definition of, of not knowing, not understanding your life is so fully and completely your own, but we have been trained by society and everyone around us that, oh, it's everybody else's fault. External things are the reason that I feel the way that I feel that I'm having the feeling sets based off of my worldview and perspective.


And where do those feelings come from? Okay. We have a, a moment of humanity where we get triggered. We have some feelings of something we are upset. We are offended. All right. So there's humanity being humanity. It's happening all the time. All of humanity, all of the good, all of the dark is happening in unison, in perfect harmony with each other, all of that humanity, all of that energy of everything of people, the world around you, of the plants, the trees, the houses, everything, the air molecules, the radio waves that you can't see.


All of it is the whole is the greater sense of everything is the, the idea of God, the whole thing. And we have a tiny little lens of perspective to say, this is the way it is. That's based entirely on my experience, my context and conditioning. And I give my power away and you give your power away by letting other people control your emotions by letting yourself buy into the lie that it is other people's fault that you are feeling that way.


Cuz your feelings are nothing but your own thought processes and perspective. Like I said, it's just how you've come through the world. How you've learned, how to do it. It's a very, very tiny, narrow lens of understanding compared to the whole thing and the separation from it and the pain of life. And the reason we can't come to grips with it is because we view ourselves as separate. We buy into our traumas and our feelings and we say, this is real. Instead of learning how to walk past them and clear them, we buy into all of the social pressures around us and we do so much more than we need to do.


We overextend ourselves in every direction to attain more, to validate our ego more, to be more when all you have to do is be, you are entirely in charge of your entire experience. All of your feelings, all of your concepts, everything.




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