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Jun 21, 2022

Worry is a distinctly human experience. It's a a space of the mind where thoughts of future unrest cause us to have an unpleasant experience.  It’s effect on the human experience are feelings of anxiety and unrest. Worry is the soil where anxiety grows. Learn to mind your worries and you'll learn to control your experience.

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Worry is an intriguing experience. It's a very distinctly human thing to do, though. It happens in the animal kingdom with many different life forms. There's forms of worrying like a dog, worrying a bone, which is kind of where the term came from. Just so intently focused on the bone or chewing on chewing, on chewing on the bone. The dog's just so into it. It needs to know like what's inside of the bone, you know, it's just worrying the bone and we do it in the, the emotional thinking sense of worrying the, that plague on humanity.


And that part is a very distinctly human thing to do. Like animals don't worry in that capacity. They don't worry about what's coming next. They don't have fear into the future. What's gonna happen. Oh, they get all worked up. They may show, um, you know, concern or something like that, or alarm, or, you know, a dog may, uh, uh, learn to kind of mimic human's concern of like, mm.


You know, they have that, that, that, but it's not necessarily a worrying. That's a, an immediate threat situation. I have concern I'm I'm on my guard. You know, what's going on here? Uh, when it goes into worrying of the mind specifically is when is that milling about, oh, will I be okay? Oh, what's gonna happen? Oh, what did they mean by that? Oh, did I say the right thing and that all that milling about it? And if you notice worry, if you really just kind of step back, you'll, you'll realize that worry is just kind of a bunch of old feelings.


It's a bunch of, it's a bunch of fears. It's a bunch of things that you think maybe aren't gonna go, right. Because of something else. And it's very similar to, um, anxiety. It's almost a low grade anxiety. If you were, you know, looking at the human condition, you know, kind of thing.


And here's like, here's like just humanity and like kind of peaceful Zenny space here goes up a level. And it's like getting into kind of worried and then anxiety, and then up in paranoia, you know, things like that. And it's kind of a range of the spectrum. So if you feel yourself as someone who, who worries, maybe you're also someone who suffers with anxiety it's right along the same range. So with worry and things like this and this, and actually be a great practice for anybody who wants to move out of anxiety and wants to move out of an anxious way of being, anytime you find yourself worrying about something, oh, what will be?


You have to understand that that's something in the future. That's an anxiety. That's a low grade anxiety. That's pushing up all of the feelings of anxiety. So what happens is we worry about something, oh, what's gonna happen.


And then, because we're worrying about it kind on this subconscious level, just kind of letting it, letting it be about us, our body triggers the neural reception to prepare for the future. So if we're worried about the future that our body goes, all right, get ready, motherfucker. You know, and you're like ready to fight, and you're worried about the future. And then all of a sudden you feel this tension of anxiety in your body, you know, and it can go from there. If you let it keep going and keep going, most people are gonna catch it at the, maybe


Of the anxiety. I feel anxious. I need to do something about this. If they're present and aware with their, with their human condition, but you can catch it at that, that low kind of worry phase. Oh, what's this mill about? And truly worry is just a, a discipline of mind. It is a, it is a thing of the human condition. Animals don't do it. They don't have that frontal lobe. They don't have the worry about the future. They are in perfect faith. They are in perfect flow. They are in perfect manifestation of the things they need. They know that they will have a place to lay their head and the place to lay their head.


Is there, it's just how animals do it. It's how nature does it. The humans, we humans have this condition called humanity of the ego of the frontal lobe of thinking that we know what's best.


So we, it takes us into saying, okay, everything's gotta be this way to make it work. And anything outside of this way, I'm gonna worry about, you know, that's not safe for me. That's not okay. So that's just part of that human condition. That's part of it. Oh, I'm gonna worry about this. Oh, that's my ego. That's me not having faith in this moment. Oh, I'm worrying about this thing. Oh, that's me not trusting the process. That is my human condition. There I go. Worrying again. Of course I would do that. Nothing else in nature does that, that's just me.


That's an element of ego, a male element of non-faith. So worry being that lovely human condition is something that you can very much kind of walk out of. And you can, you can reprogram from things like worrying. And very often the worries are based in some fear of the past, or I should say always based in some conditioning of the past.


So if you find yourself in a state of, of worried often, or if you find your state self is a state of getting up into higher anxious, often just know that all of that is simply from your mental, emotional state and how you feel right now in this moment, based on past conditioning, if any of you would like help working through those things. This is exactly what I do for work in emotional alchemy and, uh, in guidance calls and things like that. Uh, there are also programs available on the website, uh, to walk yourself out of some of old traumas and dramas and wounds and, uh, to live in a beautiful way, not in anxiety and in worry.


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