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Why We Meditate

innerpeace meditation mindfulness spirituality Jun 13, 2022

Meditation is nothing more than a heuristic centering devise. A way for you to learn about yourself. A method for clearing your mind but most importantly your feelings. 

Every feeling we experience is a concept of the mind. These feelings are our body preparing (neurologically) for what's coming next. When we constantly allow busy and intrusive thoughts, we constantly condition our bodies to live in a state of anxiety, depression or anything in between. 

We we learn the practice of meditation, we learn to still our mind, still our feelings and find our inner truth. There's nothing magical about it. Simple bio hacking that will revolutionize how you live your life. 

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Meditation is one of those practices that is as old as, as the Dawn of man and as confusing as ever, uh, something that is becoming more popular in our, our, uh, Western culture, uh, people are discovering the benefits of, of slowing your mind and moving your mind into a different brainwave state, a different state of consciousness to use it, to change your neuroception, to prepare your body and your mind for what's coming. So you can be efficient and effective and not overwhelmed by all the stresses of life.


It's a beautiful tool for that. It's a beautiful tool for productivity. It's a beautiful tool for, uh, self discovery for when you're, you're going through the shit. You know, you're dealing with it. You're you're in heavy anxiety or depression or life. You just can't come to cry. So that there's all this stuff going on. You can't figure it out.


And it's like, that's when you need to go meditate. That's the moment where meditation will heal you and solve your problems, because it is the moment of quieting, the mind of slowing all of those thoughts. And all of those thoughts are out into the future. They have nothing to do with your reality. Right now they're creating a set of neural reception to prepare you for what's coming. So all those busy thoughts working you out into the future, all those thoughts about what if and all those worries and the things that don't have anything to do with this present moment right here, those things get turned off and then you're not worrying about it.


And then you're not triggering the neural receptivity to prepare for it. Those are the feelings of anxiety in your body. So going to a practice of meditation is like regularly. I don't know, clearing out the Ram in your computer regularly, you know, shutting a few apps on your phone.


So it runs a little faster, regularly closing some tabs in the, on the browser regularly taking the trash out, regularly, cleaning the house just regularly taking care of stuff. But it's a mental feeling, emotional state to the beautiful thing in the practice of, if you can get up and meditate in the morning, your brain is transitioning out of a sleep, sleep phases. You are in different brainwave, different consciousness states as you're in sleep phases. And as you come out, you have this gentle moment in the morning where your body and your mind is preparing for the day.


So when you wake up and you, um, look at your phone, you know, it's like a whole bunch of photons. It starts getting your brain going, you know, starts firing all the, all the hormones for the day. Um, then you read something that gets, you worked up, you see something, and then all of a sudden you are subconscious as milling about all this stuff that's worked up and there's all this stuff that's been worked up from yesterday. And then all of a sudden, by the time you are, um, you know, taking your shower or, or eating, eating your breakfast, you're already worked up. You're already feeling the stress. Oh, I gotta get to the thing. Well,


It's simply because all of that stress was always there all, all the time, and it's not like it's gonna go away, but we allow ourselves to dive into future stress. We invest in stress in the future. That's not even a, a part of our life yet. And then it changes our neuroception for the day. And that's how we feel about the day. So when we can get up in the morning and take a little moment to meditate, okay, I'm gonna clear my mind for the day, but I'm also going to clear my feelings.


I'm going to move to a state of, of neutral. I'm going to catch my brainwaves at the beginning of the day, as they're transitioning into whatever I am prepared for for the day. And I will prepare my mind and my nervous system for peace. I will prepare my mind and nervous system to begin flow.


I will prepare my mind and nervous system to have an absolutely beautiful day. So it's a way of, of regularly practicing your yourself into a, a state of mental, emotional, physical balance. And there's a beautiful part of meditation where you gotta deal with your shit and all that shit is the stuff that's causing you, the pain. So you get in there and you go, okay, I'm not gonna think. And then all of a sudden, I thoughts running around all the shit, you know, just blasting in there and you have to go, no, I choose to consciously not dwell on this right now.


And I release this here. I am back to nothingness back to no mind now that no mind might last for half a second or no second, maybe another thought right behind it. And another thought right behind it. And maybe when you first start your meditation practice, your meditation practice looks like this thought.


Don't think that thought, fuck thought, oh, there, I thought thought, fuck thought feeling, oh God, I gotta do something. Ugh, all of that unrest and all of that busyness is the same thing that plagues your existence at all times in your subconscious, that is the mental, emotional, neurological activity that causes you the strain and the stress, all of these low key programs running in the background. So when you can turn that off systematically and regularly, you can find your moment.


You can find you in the inner depths of you. You can find a beautiful way of being to flow through life in peace, cuz you're forced to deal with your shit. You're forced to deal with all those busy thoughts. It's a practice it's not easy, but it's one of the best things that you'll ever do for your psychological state.


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