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The State of Fear

anxiety consciousness fear presence Jun 11, 2022

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
― Frank Herbert,  Dune

Fear is a memory of past. Fear shuts us down in the moment. Fear is the mind killer. When we allow fear to control us, we actively welcome a state of dysregulated nervous system. To buy into fear is to create fear within the moment. Check out today's video and let me know what you think! 




What is fear and why does it play such a maybe devastating role in our experience? Why does it gum us up so much? Why is it so hard to move past? Or maybe what is it? It's definitely a thing that freezes us up like Frank Herbert said, fear is the mind. Killer fear is the little death that brings total oblation. The idea that fear completely freezes you and, and loses you to, um, the, the reality that you're in the moment that you're in, it brings total oblation.


There's nothing that can be done. You are paralyzed in fear and fear is an event of the nervous system. The way your autonomic nervous system responds to events around you. If you were, um, to be startled, to be scared, boo, you know, fear go adrenaline, you get kicked into a state of sympathetic nervous system fight or flight freeze, maybe FAW responses.


So fear is maybe a protection mechanism. Uh, fear is, is something that we, our, our bodies use as a, uh, chemical messengers, chemical reception, neural reception. Here's some new molecules. Here's some adrenaline, here's some cortisone prepare your body. This is fear. This is the feeling of fear. So fear is a, a state of neuroception. Oh, feel fear is a feeling, a concept of fear.


Oh, what is this up? I'm afraid. So all of these states of neuroception based on these concepts of something will happen. So I must prepare are all based on what are you truly in danger? Or are you fearing something out into the future that doesn't exist? Have you felt a thing right here in this moment that scared you and made you think, oh, it must be this.


It must be this, it must be this. It must be this. And then you worked yourself way out into anxiety to induce a state of fear.


So yeah, we have active fears that are, you know, right in front of our face, things that we have to be aware of to protect our, our bodies, our minds, our, our personage, who we are. But the majority of our fear that mind killing fear is the anxiety of a future. That's not yet here. It does not exist. And the worst part is, and maybe the irony of fear is as we hold those feelings of fear, something may happen.


Oh no. And we work that up in our body, the feeling of fear of anxiety that pings our brain to say, Hey, we're in danger. So it's like the subconscious memory of something triggers a feeling in the body, an actual sensation in the me suit, actual neural reception. And then that


Egoic mind says, why do I feel this way? I must be in danger and it looks for danger. And it goes out into anxiety, which then causes more fear the feelings. And then by the time you realize that you're like, oh, I'm, I'm definitely scared. You know, I am overwhelmed with fear. I am in a panic attack. I am in, in severe duress in my anxiety. And it all comes from not minding your thoughts in the moment and allowing them to move out into spaces that don't exist.


Now, those spaces may have been conditioned. You may have had a past experience that caused you to think that everything within this context or caused you to feel that everything within this particular context is going to cause harm. So that past experience programs, your current reality. So to live without fear and to undo that is to address those spaces, those things that you are afraid of and not make up a story of.


This is why I am afraid out into the future, but why have I been afraid for my entire life? Why have I always felt this way? What is that meta thing within me, that's causing me to live in fear in this moment. And when we don't point the finger outwards and say, this is the reason that I am afraid, this is the reason that I am held back. This is the reason why I can't be the person that I desire to be when we, when we constantly push out into the future of fear like that, we hold ourselves in a moment of fear.


But if we turn it back inside and we say, why would I be feeling this way? Why would I be scared right now in this perfect moment of humanity as I am going about my life, learning the things that I am learning, doing everything, right?


Everything with the best intent, absolute perfection, why would I be afraid? And that moves us into, uh, you know, ideas of faith or manifestation or, um, you know, the, the peace that passes understanding to be in the center of God's will maybe, and to be without fear, knowing that you are okay. When you move into a state of belief like that, a state of faith, a state of trust, as we would define it in our, in our human experience, we are actually changing our reality.


We are actually asking the sub atomic particles to configure in a different way within each atom to create a different electron field, to attract the particular molecules, to create your reality, your physical reality within that moment. So your expectation of the way things are going to be is how they are, cuz as long as you are in the expectation of fear in


The moment you are in fear and all of your future will be fear. But if you move into a space of center and trust, every single thing within the moment will be read through that lens and not in fear and will be read as a lesson and has a movement in the progression of the journey of life. If you are in need of help working through your fears and or past conditioning, that is exactly what emotional alchemy is. I would love to host a session with you, helping you clear through past traumas and negative belief system.


So you can live in a state of freedom. Hit me up on the website.


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