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Substance Abuse

Jun 29, 2022

To view substance abuse as it's own entity or "disease" absolutely robs us of our power. Instead of looking at the root cause of our behavior, we try to treat the behavior. What's going on is, our bodies learn that particular chemicals and compounds can block our feelings. Literal molecular compounds that interrupt neural reception to either dull the sensations of emotional pain or trigger our bodies to flood with our natural occurring hormones. When our nervous system experiences relief from emotional pain, through induction of certain chemicals, we will always gravitate back towards the path of least resistance, especially when it's painful or scary.   

Some addictions are chemically dependent but all substance abuse stems from not being able to manage our feeling / emotional experience.  

Learn more about how our emotional bodies work with addictions in today's video. I hope you find some answers in it. I hope you find some peace. ❤️

If you need help working through your addiction, schedule an Emotional Alchemy session today! I would love to guide you through the process. 

- Daniel 



Why is it that we are so prone to chemical addiction to go look to substances or, you know, experiences that change our neural reception in the way that we feel instead of just being okay with the way that we feel, because every time we are moving towards, um, uh, a chemical dependency, when we discover, oh, when I, when I, you know, drink this substance, when I ingest this substance, when I do this activity and it creates this particular neural reception within me, this particular feeling set, your body learns, oh, when I do that, I don't have to feel this pain, whatever it is that I'm holding onto, whatever the emotion is, whatever the upheaval in my life is.


And so we, we kind of learn on this subconscious level when we, we experience a, a different substance that, you know, changes our neural reception and causes our normal hormone cycles to fire in a different way.


It causes us to, you know, get more serotonin or, or, or, uh, you know, uh, uh, oxytocin or endorphins, things like that. We get this, this rush of good feelings when our neural reception has changed from a molecule, from a compound. So our body learns, Hey, guess what? You don't have to feel this pain of emotion. One, you, you know, partake in this activity when you ingest this particular compound that has these particular molecules in it, which fire off a different set of neural reception that's effectively.


What, um, you know, being in a, uh, an altered state is if you are, you know, stoned or you are drunk or something like that, where you neural reception changed to a space that your reality is different than everybody else's, you know, you are acting differently, your body is working differently. And, and within that same space, we find that comfort and that, that peace in, in humanity.


And we even find that comfort and peace from other habits that could be, um, considered self-destructive. We might be by, uh, you know, someone who is, is, is overly sexual and promiscuous and, and just all over the place, you know, not, not looking for any fulfillment, but is, is just chasing the rush. There, there's no search for a meaningful, deep relationship, but simply to satiate the pain of the experience to stop the feelings. And when we learn to reverse that process of those feelings, and instead of stopping the feelings and mitigating the feelings with some substance, and we learn to feel our feelings, and we learn to sit with those sensations and learn that those feelings and sensations are all our past story and the things that we've experienced and the things that we've learned, and the fears that we've learned to be afraid of and the negative self-belief systems that we've learned to be afraid of.


And these are all the things that make us feel shitty in our current moment. And that feeling shitty when not minded and saying, oh, look at me feeling this. Why would I feel that way? When we are not mindful of those


Sensations of this pain that we've been carrying, we just naturally move towards something that looks like self-destructive behavior. I might even rebrand that behavior as self protective, because the pain that you are experiencing from past scenarios is greater than the pain of doing something self-destructive in the moment. Like, you know, it's gonna hurt the next day and we still do it. We still suppress those feelings. We still go out one more time for the same pattern of, you know, just getting, getting trashed or partying, or the same pattern of, of self-destructive behavior, or even the same pattern of working yourself to death.


The same pattern of being addicted to anxiety and, and grind culture, and everything has to be run this way, this way, this way, and just being addicted to that anxious mode. And that's, that's also a self protective mechanism. That's taking all of the feelings and instead of being okay with your experience, demanding more outta your experience to like crush these down.


It's, it's another way that we protect ourselves. And it's another way that we effectively in that we get high on our own supply. We, we are jamming all of these emotions into our body, all of this adrenaline, all this cortisol, this like tension, stress hormones. So we can then accomplish something, cuz we have this concept that we must grind. And it's like, it's the same as, as, as going and getting sloshed and shoving your emotions down in one regard, it's the same as, as you know, going and just getting jacked up on a bunch of Coke.


So you can just push through it and feel okay about it. In another regard, you know, it's, it's that same emotional suppression of not dealing with the things that are plaguing us on this deep meta level, our past experience and stories and all the things that have created our particular set of feeling in this moment in that particular set of feeling is the thing that is our experience.


So everything you're experiencing right now is based on those past memories and conditioning. And when we do not learn to be mindful with those things and feel those things and be able to heal those things through awareness and there's, there's a lot of practices and different ways to do it. Uh, the one that I like is emotional alchemy. And if any of you need help, um, I'd love to schedule an emotional alchemy call with you. It is a process of working into these very things that, um, we, we like to suppress all of the painful feelings, uh, but feel free to, uh, schedule a session. We can, we can work through this stuff if this me message is, uh, resonating with you.


But when you are able to work through those things and you're able to heal yourself in that regard, you are able to control your experience and you are not drawn to the substances in a, a re uh, like a lack of regard way. And then it's just something to experience in a healthy way. And you don't have to hurt yourself and you don't have to keep yourself in the cycles of pain and misery.



Let me know what's going on in your life. We'll schedule an exploratory call ASAP!

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