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Subconscious Slavery

consciousness mindfulness subconscious triggers Jun 14, 2022

Our human experience is made up of the conscious mind and the feeling body. When it comes to brain waves and energies of the body, conscious thought lies in the upper brain waves and consists of 10% or less of your overall experience. 

The dissonance of life happens when our subconscious memory (feelings) are in conflict with our conscious mind (ego). We hold a conscious belief system of "things are supposed to be this way or that" but our subconscious feelings are often out of alignment. These feelings are our conditioning, our context, the way we feel about life. Often times these feelings are based in past pain. Our current context subconsciously reminds us of past pain and our body triggers with the neural reception to prepare for the pain. This feeling manifests it's self as stress, general tension, all mental illnesses (at different levels) and general discomfort in your human experience. 

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Our human experience is 90% or more subconscious and 10% or less conscious. So as we go about our life, thinking that we are directing any that egos, I don't know what's happening here. Ah, 90% of that is all subconscious information. That is the nervous system. That is your conditioning, the way that you have been raised, the way everything feels to you and your nervous system, it is your memory of past information.


So all of that, just like I love to use the analogy of heat. Our bodies know exactly what heat is. Even if we hadn't touched something hot and burned ourself and had like an event of trauma, the human body still understands heat. It will naturally move away from heat. The human body will naturally move into the shade. It will move away from something hotter or like, you know, something is too hot for it.


It's a natural protection mechanism for all the cells thing. It's, it's a subconscious information, aversion and attraction. Does this feel good? I move towards it. Does this hurt? I move away from it. We all operate on this very, very, very simple animal level. And we pretend like it's all very real. Like all of these feelings mean something and they are relevant to this current situation that I'm in.


Cuz it feels just like that. And so, because it feels like that and where these feeling beings that are operating in majority of subconscious, instead of accepting a feeling and working with a feeling and allowing yourself to have a feeling, oh, here I am having a feeling. Let me just see what this is. We push it out on everybody else. Why'd you make me feel that way. Oh, this person did. That's why I'm this way.


Oh, this stuff. And the victim, you know, your victim mentality. And that's why I'm in this way. Instead of taking responsibility for your own nervous system and your own mind and your own actions. Now granted a lot of the actions that we take very often, and I see this in my, in my therapy patients coming in, you know, they're just like, I don't know why I do this thing. I cannot like it is like we observe ourselves. We watch ourselves get up to some bullshit. We can watch ourselves sabotage a relationship.


We can have a part of our mind. It's watching our mouth move. We're like, why am I saying this? I don't want to say this, but it's just a reactionary mechanism. It's just like pulling your arm away from heat. I'm gonna be burned. So we just Bumble around life, you know, sniffing asses and looking for something to hump and bumping into each other and, and getting in all this trouble based on our past, based on the memory of the past, based on all the things that we are holding onto from the past, instead of finding a beautiful moment, instead of grinding into the beauty of everything that


We have in this moment with no expectation for anything other than this, to have everything you need in this moment as a practice. So that way, when those subconscious triggers come up, I have everything I need. Everything is wonderful. You know, maybe not as, as cheesy as that, but you know, uh, to, to have a moment of, of grounding of, yes, this is I am, I am on the right path. Everything is moving towards my benefit. You know, just have this very moment. Like this is okay, I'm just having an experience

And I choose this energy. If you meaning, I choose to be love. I choose to be a good person. I choose to have joy. I choose to have a great attitude, whatever it is, whatever it is that you want to do, you choose that thing. And then anything you choose that in your conscious mind, understanding that your conscious mind is, you know, well, it's also your ego, but it's less than 10% of your experience.


You choose in your conscious mind who you will be. And then anything in humanity that pulls you out of that, you're offended, you're hurt. Hmm. That's a tough one. All these different things, all of these expectations that you had subconsciously outside of your ego, mind, the feelings of your body, your natural aversions, your fears, the things that you've experienced in the past to make you feel like shit, the things you've experienced in the past when you know, a parent told you something horrible or, or you witnessed something really scary and it programmed your nervous system to live in fear, it programmed your nervous system to a avoid all those things.


And that's what triggers are. Okay. That's danger, danger, danger, danger, social anxiety. It's a bunch of triggers from everybody around. Who's triggering me on this, this subconscious energetic level. So if we want to have some control in our experience, if we want to live in a beautiful, meaningful way, it is to effectively, you know, everyone says I'll minimize the ego, but it's also to harness the subconscious to observe all your feelings and not to push them on.


Other people say, look at me having this feeling. I wonder why I would be having this feeling in a moment of perfection, because remember, we've set it up. This is perfect. Everything is good. And then use that as an indicator. Oh, here I am. Outside of perfection, must be some old junk that I'm holding onto. Must be something that I'm letting stay in my life to give my power away because nobody else is here. I'm the only one with my feelings. I'm the only one with my thought processes. I'm the only one with my life.


And I am completely responsible for all of my feelings and sensations. Whether those be conscious or subconscious.


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