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Sit With Your Pain

Aug 17, 2022

You may hear that phrase often in the spiritual community. "Just sit with it" or "Sit with your pain" But what does that mean and how will that help me heal?!

Here's the good news. Sitting with your pain is exactly how you eliminate the pain! Using the practice of sitting in meditation and observing your emotional pain. When we quiet out active mind, our subconscious mind rears up. All of the scary stories start coming to the surface and those WILL trigger your endocrine system to create your feeling state. 

For example: When we are reminded of an old trauma (even unaware), our subconscious starts preparing our bodies for action. When we allow our thoughts to run away into negative spaces, our bodies will react and this goes for conscious and sub conscious brain wave activity and thoughts. 

By sitting with our pain, we re equalize our nervous system to feel good in our present state. We literally train our nervous systems that we are safe in our moment despite any obtrusive thoughts. 

You can ABSOLUTELY regulate your nervous system to a space of peace with a little practice. If you need help learning to meditate, please do check out Meditation 101! It's a simple course I wrote and recorded for people who want to develop a meaningful practice. 


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