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Painful Patterns

Jul 01, 2022

We live our lives in a subconscious set of patterns. These patterns are based in our conditioning. They are the same as instincts or deep emotional ruts and ways of interpreting life. When we are not conscious of our actions, we are out of control. Instead of blaming others for our actions, why not look within and see why we're feeling the way we feel! 

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Humanity is wild. We live our life in constant patterns. These instinctual ruts that we get in to protect ourselves to avert pain, to maybe move towards something that's good. Maybe we just learn that something feels good and we keep moving towards it. You know, maybe a negative eating pattern or negative, uh, you know, substance use pattern. We just keep moving towards the thing that makes us feel better than our current state. And we, we move through life in this very animal instinct mode of not really dealing with our stuff, but just reacting to the world around it, not observing the situation we are in, you know, the feelings and the thoughts about it, and what's going on and, and not being present to say, oh, okay.


My experience that I'm having here is completely based on all my old life experiences, all of my context and conditioning and everybody else who's having this life experience here also has all of their experience based off their context and life conditioning.


So everyone's there together having these experiences and if we remain unconscious about it and we just move through our life the way we've always done it and demand everybody else validate our ego and move into our way of doing it, we will always find tension. We will always find dissonance. We will always find pain and we will always move back into more negative patterns. We will then do something to mitigate the pain.


The story will grow. It will be somebody else's fault, deeper and deeper until we can actually address our own pain and transform that pain to transmute it into something else, something of joy, something good to learn from the pain. So if you wanna find the places that you're stuck on in your experience, whether that be, you know, something you're doing the pattern of what you're doing in your life. I, I don't know why this keeps happening.


I've been in this same relationship six times now I've failed my business the same way three times. You know, what is this? I, the same thing is happening to me. I thought I went through this. I thought I learned this lesson. Well, here we are in humanity as the only common denominator for all of our mistakes. I am the only one in my life that has been there for all of the, you know, big air quotes failures.


I am the only one that has been there for all of the times when something went south. And it was very easy previously to say, oh, now it's, this is this thing's fault or that's fault or this or that. And there was always a good story. I, I realized I could always come up with a good story, but it was always


Me at the end of the day, within the pattern that was creating these negative situations in my life. So use the pain that the pattern creates, use the pain of your experience to work back into the wound, work back into the original negative self story and belief system that you have been holding about yourself. When we learn, for example, something in childhood that I'm not worthy, that my voice cannot be heard.


And we go to, uh, you know, go into relationships of any kind, whether that be, uh, a romantic relationship, whether that be a business relationship. And if you don't feel like your voice is not heard, you will always hold back, like from a meta level, from the time that you were a child. If you have felt like that, that you cannot be heard, that you were not worthy, that you cannot be seen.


And that happens to a lot of children, you will feel that way in all of your relationships. So when you need to say something, that's on your mind, you are not going to say the thing that's on your mind. It's going to build up in your own heart. Your feelings will compound upon themselves, your partner, whether that be platonic, or whether that be some type of business relationship will then feel that build up. You'll be acting weird. They'll think that they did something. They feel attacked and it starts the whole cycle of all that con contention and humanity.


So we have to go in first and clear these things out of ourself, and to find those places, look for your patterns and find exactly what you've been doing to yourself. If you've been trying to find them, and you just are like, I don't know what's going on in my life. Please hit me up for an emotional alchemy session. Uh, that is exactly the work that we do.


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