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Our Wounds Create Patterns

Jul 05, 2022

Our current feeling state is based in our conditioning and life experience. The wounds we received, during that life experience, will continue in our life patterns until we heal the original meta emotion. These emotions are literally your nervous system conditioning. It's how you've been trained to feel about life. These feeling heavily influence our response or reaction and create the same patterns that caused us the same pain in the first place. 

Use the painful triggers to go within. You're the only one in there having your feelings and you're the only one that's going to be able to heal them. Radically awareness acceptance is the starting point and the end game. If you need help working through these emotional wounds, I would love to host an Emotional Alchemy Session with you! Please sign up today. ❤️



Our current state of feeling in our human experience is based on our past context. So how we feel right now in our nervous system, whatever's going on, you know, either either happiness or sadness or fear or, or courage or whatever it is, all of the, the sensations that we are feeling, the emotions, all of those were based in our past context and conditioning that past context and conditioning conditions, us to feel the way that we feel in any given scenario.


And then that creates our patterns, how we go about our life. So the conditioning creates our feeling context and our feeling context creates the patterns, which inevitably the negative ones, if not healed, will create more conditioning for more wounding and more negative patterns. So track with me here on how this all works. You're a little baby. You're just wiggling around there. You know, goo G gang, not, not much going on upstairs, you are in wonder and as long as your little body is warm, and then you, you have human connection and you're, you're fed and you're, you know, dry and comfortable.


You're pretty happy. You know, everything's, everything's pretty great in baby land. And then, you know, somebody, something happens, ow, you get burned. Ooh, there's danger. And then you're growing up and, and, and all of a sudden mom's upset and you're just a little teeny baby. You know, you not upset at you, but she feels really upset about something. And then you learn in this little tiny, nervous system. Oh, okay. I got there's fear out there. I gotta be, I gotta be afraid. And that's how that, that nervous system conditioning works.


And then even worse, you know, it, it gets to, somebody says something negative to, and you, you, you take on this spell from someone you believe something negative about yourself. You have a negative self belief system, the shadow, the inner child, all that stuff. So that gets driven down into our nervous system to create that feeling state and that feeling state based on our conditioning will always, we'll always replicate exactly what we know.


So that's why we do patterns. So we say, why, why am I in the same relationship again? You know, I did this thing six times and I got hurt every time. And how in the actual fuck am I doing this again? I mean, I know I have situations like that in my life where I'm like, hold on Daniel. Like I thought we got through this. I thought we figured this out. You know what I mean? It's like, you think you're there and you're like, wait, how am I in the same pattern again? And, and what happens? It's this, it's this low grade subconscious event.


And it's always a protection mechanism from fear, a protection mechanism from the past context. And so we do these things subconsciously to


Keep ourselves in the same pattern. And that's why we are, you know, like, oh, I'm self sabotaging over and over again. One thing I can, I can say for myself, a self sabotage that was very clear, that came about from trauma, from my business crashing. Um, my business was doing great. It ended up having a, just really bad year of sales, horrible timing on a lot of stuff on an investment. And it just tanked in a year. And it was really tragic, you know, long story. Um, I tried to start a couple businesses after that in the next couple years and similar businesses, like making stuff like similar style and every time it would start getting rolling, I would like freeze up and, and do something, self sabotage things, and then, you know, would die.


And I'd be like, what, what the fuck? Like why, you know, I wasn't on my, I didn't, I didn't try.


And previously to that, I was good at, you know, running business and end doing things like that. But what was happening as I did my, my own work and emotional alchemy of, of going into these spaces of pain and figuring out what was up. I, I found that I was afraid of being successful again, because the last time I had been successful and doing well in business, everything fell apart. So doing well in business triggers a feeling of everything's going to fall apart.


Right. So that gets real scary in the subconscious. So you go in there, your best intent, but then all of a sudden it feels like everything's gonna fall apart. So then you just can't send that email to the person and you just can't do that thing. You're just like, oh, and it puts you in this like depressed state and you can't do it. And then sure enough, it implodes same thing in relationships. You know, we, we, we have the, you know, a negative scenario, a toxic and relationship or whatever it is, you know, I'm never gonna do this again. You know, someone cheated on you, maybe never gonna do that again. And then there it goes, again, happens again again.


And, and I, this is a painful one, but from what I've seen in our energy is that subconscious energy that we learn from our childhood, from our parents, all these things.


It's like, we learn to accept a certain feeling from a loved one, say, we see an example of mom and dad, energy or husband, wife, energy, as a child, we learn to feel the way that they feel about things. So, and I have seen this happen in, in, in clients of mine, talking through their stories and things like that of say cheater energy, where you there. I've had a few clients who are like, I, my dad cheated my grandpa ch I never was going to do that to my family.


Like, it was like a thing in their heart. And then all of a sudden it happened. And they're just like, I don't even know how this hap like what in the world? And it was like this, like they subconsciously did it or something like they're really dumbfounded by the, like, just feeling it. And, um, the more and more I felt into it with clients, it is to know, to understand on like, in that dynamic a parent relationship, oh, my dad is a ch

And I hate to say that, oh, my dad's a cheater. You know, my, but his dad has cheated. He has the energy, the feelings, the emotions, the, um, the morals, the, the wounds and things that will, will end up leading somebody into an energy like that. So you are just basking in that energy as a child and feeling that feeling. So even if dad never models it for you, it's still like this low grade energy. And that is conditioning. That is what brings us into the next pattern in the next pattern.


Until we take a close look at the pain that we are causing ourselves to say, why am I doing this again? Or not, not why not? We often say like, why did this happen to me? Why is everybody doing this to me instead of why am I causing myself this pain? What am I scared of


Why am I having these feelings and going back in on that, and in, on that deeper and deeper, and being able to unpack that meta conditioning stuff, if any of you need help with that, that is exactly what emotional alchemy is, which is my, my, uh, uh, coaching service of, of teaching people to unpack their emotions and go into these deep meta stories through a pro a meditative process of, of following these feelings back into these old stories and old stories and old stories. You know, there's a bunch of beautiful little questions to be asked. And, uh, you find these old stories that you've forgotten about, of when you learned to feel the way that you feel.


And you can clearly see how it's, when you find the old original meta stories, you can clearly see how those patterns have been prevalent through your life. And then you look back and go, oh, no, wonder all that shit. That doesn't make any sense. I don't know why this happened. Once you find the meta thing, whatever that meta feeling is that you learned the rest of the problems fall apart.




Let me know what's going on in your life. We'll schedule an exploratory call ASAP!

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