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Mental Illness In Not A Sentance

Jul 16, 2022

Mental illness isn't a sentence, it's a mutable condition that everyone experiences but only some suffer from. Or maybe I should say, everyone experiences the exact same meta energy of life, while interpreting it through their world view. How could this be? We are all experiencing the same thing? Why am I in so much pain when others are living beautifully? This isn't fair…

I know, I used to feel that way too. It was part of my own suffering and I'm going to teach you how to reprogram those stories.

Those suffering from mental illness are effectively suffering from nervous system dysregulation. Our current life experience is based entirely on our "memories" of the past. I use quotes around memories because those memories are often suppressed. They have become so normalized in your life that they become your way of being. This is your world view, your lens of understanding and your ego. Your understanding of the way things are.

Here's what's neat about the way things are. Life as we know it, is absolute harmony. Every bit of darkness and evil is needed to create the event of light and/or goodness. Every bit of the known universe is in perfect balance. There's equal darkness to light. If there wasn't, how would the other exist? If it's all light, how can you see, there is no contrast. If it's all dark, how can you see, there is no contrast. There is no pleasure without the contrast of pain. There is no experience of comfortable warmth without a balance of hot and cold. There is no joy without sorrow. There is no love without hate. It's entirely harmonious.

So how, in a meta landscape of perfect harmony, could we be having such a tough experience in humanity? The reality is, you are having an experience that is neither for you, or against you and entirely based on your conditioning. The ego of man is the separation from the greater whole or god/source. We are all experiencing the exact same source energy and interpreting it through our conditioned world view. Effectively, we are all the same with different perspectives.

Now I know, we have all experienced unbearable pain that nobody else could understand. And that's just it, we think we are separate. We think that our shame is greater than other's. We drive ourselves into the isolation of story and solely focus on our own pain. The more we buy into the experience of emotional pain, the more it becomes who we are. The more it becomes who we are, the more it dysregulates our already dysregulated nervous systems. We can think of this regulation / dysregulation event as feelings. Do we feel good? We are regulated. Do we feel bad? You get it…

Mental illness could simply be defined as: Thinking your experience isn't perfect. It's the original sin. The knowledge of good and evil, thinking that I know best when all I have is my single lens of understanding.

Seems a little too simple right? Lemme esplain! We FEEL something based on our past experience. Something reminds us of past pain and our nervous system triggers the appropriate hormone set to prepare your body for action. If your body is neurologically preparing for danger, you will be anxious. This is a simple animal instinct. Just like a dog catching a sent of danger and freezing in it's tracks. If the trigger reminds you of past failures, your body will prepare for a state of non action because you subconsciously believe that you will fail again. This is effectively depression.

If we allow ourselves to buy into our triggered feelings, we walk ourselves deeper into mental illness. Even to the point where it becomes an identity (the real nail in the coffin). We have triggered feelings based on pains and traumas from our past. We believe them to be real but the problem is, 99% of the time they are just old instincts trying to keep us safe. This is our subconscious, our feeling sets and our neural reception. This is the part of life that feels VERY real and learning to control it is learning to regulate your nervous system. When we do not observe and respond to these emotions, we will be lost in them. They will become who we are and create deep neural pathways that re route our nervous system to always feel unsafe. It's a constant mental / emotional cycle and balance. The more you observe the experience, the less you will react. The less you react, the more regulated your nervous system is. Pretty simple math.

Let's talk about this observational process. It's truly the key to breaking the cycle!

The most profound time of healing for me was when I isolated from society and spent about 3 years meditating, reading and observing my feelings and thoughts. I learned to work through all my traumas and completely regulate my nervous system. It was a shit ton of work and a whole lot of figuring out how things worked in the body and the quantum realm. The beauty of doing that work was a radical healing and the birth of Emotional Alchemy! We'll get to Emotional Alchemy in a second but for now, let's get started with being able to observe and not react!

Start with your thoughts. Take a moment to meditate. If you've never meditated before, just set a timer for 3 minutes, sit down and close your eyes. Do not think.

Do not think… Did I really just tell you to "do not think"? Yes I did muthafucka! That's the entire exercise of observation. Decide to not think, and see how you do. Get a pad of paper and write down the recurring thoughts. These thoughts are constantly creating the feeling state of your body. When it comes to feelings, we have to observe them as well. They are synonymous with our thoughts. In fact, when you get real quiet in your body, you can identify the thought/feelings in different parts of your body. For instance, grief will hit you in the guts. That's where those emotions are "processed". If it's anxiety, you'll likely have a crushing in your chest. If it's something you can't bring yourself to say to someone, your throat will be tight. These are the associated hormones firing in your body to cause discomfort. This is your body telling you what's going on and none of us listen. In fact, most of us just drink feelings like that away.

Now that you're aware of these thought / feelings, try tracking them. Find the theme. Find what you are scared of and find yourself under all the fear. Your body will tell you if you just get quiet and observe.

I wish I could detail the entire process of Emotional Alchemy. I wish I could teach it all to you so you could be free. But for now, it's a lot of information, techniques and different practices that are custom tailored to the client. It would be at least a book or two to explain how the entire thing works. The good news is, I'm here and ready to walk you through the process!

If you are wanting to make dramatic progress in your healing process, please message me. Mental illness does not have to be your sentence and Emotional Alchemy will change your life! ❤️



Mental illness is not a sentence. In fact, we're the ones that hold ourselves in it in judgment to say, oh, I am mentally ill here. I am. We identify with it. And we become more of it. We put more of the energy of the thing into our life by creating the awareness or the identity that I am. My mental illness. You are not your mental illness. Your mental illness is not a, a judgment.


It is not anything like that. It is simply just an activity of your nervous system in your mind, the way you think and the way you feel. And all of your feelings are based on how you are thinking. So all of those feelings about all the stuff, anxiety, feelings of depression, you know, you literally can't get your body up. Stuff like that. All of that is a state of neural reception that comes from your thought process.


Now here's the trick of it. It doesn't just come from your logical conscious mind. They are all subconscious thought processes, or maybe not all, but the majority of these are subconscious processes. And these are the things that we have been trained in, in our life. These are the things that we have been conditioned to feel. Do I feel anxious? I have been conditioned to feel anxious. I have been conditioned by my upbringing, by my family, the people around me, maybe by really negative experiences that really hurt.


And so now I have this negative experience in my nervous system. Just like you burn yourself on something in the moment your body gets near anything hot. You don't even have to think about it. You're just gonna pull away. You're just gonna react. You're not gonna respond. Now. That's a good reaction. That's a safety, but we have all of these emotionally emotional things that are completely dysregulated and feel unsafe when we're completely safe. So anxiety is like an instinct. It is getting ready and prepared for what's coming.


Next anxiety is, uh, your neurological process of like, let's go, you don't want a dog, smells some danger.


That's like, what your heart does? You sense any danger around you? And you're ready. Your body's preparing at a subconscious level, cuz you have all of these magical processes happening all the time. You know, things like breathing and that keeps you safe. You never think about that. One things like moving out of the sunshine into the shade, just kind of naturally or turning away from something too loud. You know, we naturally protect ourselves and we do the same thing emotionally when we have had negative experiences, traumas, whatever dysregulated, parents and upbringing we learn to feel unsafe.


And the problem with mental illnesses like in any extreme, all of it is out of balance. Ways of thinking, anxiety, moving out in there and anything, anything on the scale, manic, depression kind of thing like that, all the things back and forth. I think even, even like Schizoaffective with disorder has to do with, with areas of trauma rooms.


I call them where they get locked away in the psyche. And when that gets activated through a trigger, you become the person that was wounded. You it's like it. Like prorates your emotional state back to the state where you were wounded. And that's all the only way, you know how to read the world around you. And so you start talking in a different voice, seeming like a different person, completely different. Well, yeah, you are. You're operating in an emotional set of a different person. And sometimes those trauma rooms are so blocked away in the psyche that when someone's activated into it, they're not even aware that they're in that.


And they're not aware when they move out of it. They just remember something being off. It can be so locked away in the psyche. So these are kind of the roots of all of the mental illnesses out there.


They are the foundation for this, that pain is the foundation of the mental illness that is happening in your life. That out of control, nervous system, dysregulated nervous system and is not just the mind. It is the mind and the body and the whole thing working together holistically. So to heal these things, to move out of these things, to move past things like anxiety or depression or any mental illness starts with mindset to say, I am going to create a beautiful moment in every moment, despite the pain, I am going to sit in the pain of this experience.


I am going to allow it to know that this is how I really feel about life. I'm not gonna push it away. I'm not gonna say I don't wanna be mentally ill. I don't want it. I'm gonna say, man, look at me, protecting myself. Of course, how would act like this?


And you stop judging yourself and you show yourself some love, cuz you're just hurting from all these traumas and stuff and acting out. And until you can accept it until you can show yourself some love, you're never gonna be able to access it. So you get in there and you say, you know what? I am in perfection. I am not gonna judge myself anymore. Why am I hurting? Why do I feel like this? When did I start feeling like this? And you get in there and you get in there and I would highly recommend meditation to get in there because it forces you to sit still with your feelings and it forces you to come to grips with your thoughts.


It forces you into yourself and you've been running away from yourself the whole time, cuz it hurts in there and I get it. That's trauma for you, baby fucking hurts. We run, we cover it up. We run away into


Anxiety. We run away through depression. We away into substance abuse because we cannot deal with our moment cuz it hurts a little too much. So if any of you need help, if you need to work through this stuff, if you're like, this is me, I wanna get out. I wanna heal from this slowly, systematically, holistically and healthily hit me up. That's what emotional alchemy is. We work through all these old feelings and triggers and we help to bring you into a beautiful way of being and living and mindset and feeling it's called freedom and it's fucking great.


Let me know what's going on in your life. We'll schedule an exploratory call ASAP!

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