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Living In Shame

acceptance consciousness innerpeace shame Jun 12, 2022

We all live in shame. It's a veritable plague on society. It suppresses our life force. It depresses us. Gives us anxiety. You name it, shame will keep you from living your best life. This space of shame that we hold onto creates our own hell of feelings. The salvation from this self imposed hell is awareness and acceptance. Awareness of our patterns will full acceptance for the person that we have been. Without acceptance there is no healing. 

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The majority of humanity spends quite a bit of time and shame and living in shame and milling over the things that they've done and oh, and not being able to get past it and just holding onto the feeling of it and, you know, rethinking through the thing. And that, that, that, that thought that persistent thought that keeps coming up and all about, oh, what I've done. And you know, I am not good enough. I'll never get past this, whatever those, those shameful things are, whatever it is that you feel about yourself, whatever it is that takes you out of the perfect moment, I am not good enough.


I've done something wrong. I have sinned. And the, the pattern of shame is, is very much like an idea of purgatory of this like holding pattern. You're just living in it. Or maybe it's even the idea of hell you're living in your own hell.


You're living in your own space of shame that you are holding onto this own hell of the mind and body and feeling all of that. Not letting the past go, not healing from it, not becoming a new person. So maybe the, the purgatory element would be when, when the pattern is revealed, the thing that we have been doing to ourselves, the thing that we have been doing in life, which ultimately is causing whatever energy that brings us shame or the feelings of shame.


And so when that pattern is revealed, you say, oh, like, look at me doing this thing. And you realize that you don't, you don't, you don't point the finger out to other people to say, this is why I'm feeling this way. But you realize that's you feeling that way based on how you feel about the world and your patterns and the things that you have been up to.


So a purgatory like state of shame would be to see the pattern and to not make a conscious change, to see the pattern, to realize what you've done or been doing, and to judge yourself further and say, oh, you're not good enough to be new, to put yourself further into shame to judge yourself for the thing that you didn't try to do in the first place. You were just doing things of life that you knew how to do. So to hold onto that shame is to keep you in the energy of shame.


It is to keep you in the activity of the thing, because whatever the thing is that you have done, or imagine that you have done is nothing, nothing but a past memory, it's an electrochemical sensation pulsing through your body. It doesn't have anything to do with your present state of being so to hold onto that shame, to hold onto whatever it is and not to choose to be new in every single moment is to live in that hell state, to live in that purgatory state. So be new in your moment, come into the kingdom, be aware of your patterns, understand why you're doing the things that you're,


Don't push it out on. Other people find your own truth about it. Let it go move into a better space of being that has nothing to do with shame. If you are dealing or suffering with chronic shame, if you're stuck in it, you don't know how to move past those things. They're depressing. You, they're making you anxious of the future. Uh, that is definitely what emotional alchemy is for to, uh, help you move past those things, to find the space within yourself, that you are not believing in to find the negative stories within you move past those.


And then you're out of it. You're free of the shame. So look for, look around on the website, uh, find an emotional alchemy session, and I would love to work with you.


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