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Healing Trauma

Jul 11, 2022

Healing my own traumas and wounds has been the most fundamentally effective way of coming to peace with my experience. Our subconscious creates memories of fear in our body to the point where it becomes instinctual. If we were never allowed to feel safe as a child, you'll never know how to feel safe as an adult. These become engrained feeling sets that dictate our lives. 

When we are able to consciously move past these life events, we are able to effectively remove the associated feelings from our lives. Healing your traumas truly helps heal your experience. 

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Healing trauma is easily. One of my favorite topics. It's a passion of mine because it has been so meaningful in my life to clear through some of my bullshit through all my old contexts and, and wounds and things and conditioning from childhood. It has set me so free and it's, it's so fun to work with clients in that and help them, um, become a new person to become free in their moment, to be the person that they desire to be free of fear.


So healing trauma is, is a, is a weird conversation because there's so many definitions of what it is and what it can be effectively. It's just your life experience. It's a whole range. So there's like little stuff. There's just like little things that bother you. There's little traumas, there's kind of big traumas. Then there's like debilitating traumas and there's traumas within a range that overwhelm our nervous system so much that they actually shut down different areas of our brain.


One is, uh, for example, the Brocas area of the brain, the speech centers kind of runs across both sides in the middle. You know, the, the idea of when somebody has seen somebody, something so like terrorizing or grotesque that they're like, I don't have words for it. It's so emotionally over overstimulating for them that the bronchus area of the brain actually shuts down. It's shown in brain scans, stuff like that. So this stuff has a, a massive effect on our nervous system and how we engage with the world around us.


So if we're saying like, okay, the idea of seeing something, not even a physical trauma is enough to dysregulate or disregulate our reality so much that we are left incapable of physical speech, like that has an effect on your life. And so many bits of trauma go, go unaddressed because we're just toughen it up and we gotta, you know, be strong and things like that.


And you know what that bullshit that, that creates synoptic pruning. That's when your thought sorting process during your REM cycles of sleep, take any memories that you're not accessing. And they say, oh, you guys using this one? No, we're not using that. Okay. We'll just, we'll just cut that. So you didn't even have an active memory anymore of some painful thing, but the painful energy of it is still held in your body. You still feel it. And the way that, what that looks like is an easy one's relationships. You can be in a relationship and it can go south badly and it hurts.


Then you get in a new relationship with somebody completely different, you know, whether or not the same person like you had your, you know, your, your, you know, red flag list. <laugh> like, I'm not gonna do that again. And then all of a sudden, for no reason, it starts feeling like the old relationship. It starts feeling like they


They're hurt you. And, and even if they say, no, I'm not, I'm not doing that. It feels just like that. And we get triggered and we, we get activated into these response and reaction mechanisms on something that's a complete fallacy. It's an old memory that we're holding onto. So that's what I'm talking about. Trauma, these life experience things, these memories that hold deep down in our nervous system, you can also think of them as instincts. You burn yourself now, you know what that is, it fucking hurts, right?


So you're not gonna do that again. You don't even have to think about it. If your body feels something that's a little too hot, you will pull away. And then you're like, oh, that's hot. That's an instinct, right? It's like deeply ingrained in our system. And when we get hurt emotionally, the same thing happens. We go, oh, that's hot.


And so if you want to move past all those things, because all of those traumas are built up fears of, oops, don't touch that. Don't touch that. Be scared of that. Be afraid of that. And it leaves us crushed and it leaves us depressed. And it leaves us this tiny little shell of a person maybe leaves us detached from the person we are feeling like we're out in the corner of a room or something, and it's all reversible. And it's all reworkable and you can work right back out of those feelings. And you can work right back out of all the mental illness that is surrounded with those feelings, same stuff in trauma care, and doing a little self work in addressing your shadow, those old memories that live within you.


And when you access those things, you can come to grips with the old stories.


You can bring the real memories back up, not the ones that you've kind of made up to cover for it, but the real pain. And when you fully get your arms around the real pain, you bring it into this moment where you're able to care for it because previously it was left in a past moment that you could not access. And you've just been feeling like that your whole life. So if you need help working through you want to access your traumas, you wanna heal your pain. You wanna get past your shame. You wanna live in a beautiful and free way.



I'd love to chat with you. You can do an emotional alchemy session. That is a modality where we feel down into these deep energies of pain and fear, the deep energies of the experience. And I say the energies, cuz it's the memories. And there is just a simple modality to walk back through those. Find these root stories, heal those up to come to grips with that old memory in this moment and live your life beautifully and free.




Let me know what's going on in your life. We'll schedule an exploratory call ASAP!

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