Hey there! I'm Daniel, and I'm so glad you're here! I'm a healer, mentor, teacher and coach who's passionate about helping people heal their wounds and move into a space of peace. 

This is my story.

DANIEL TYACK            


It's a one man operation around here so don't let the website fool you.
I'm easy to get ahold of and so happy to be here for you wander life's path. 


It might sound unlikely for a hippy healer dude to be raised in a blue collar, manufacturing environment. But let me tell you, when your dad is a work from home inventor with a garage shop, it's heaven for a curious little boy! 

My dad was a teacher, and he was teaching me how things worked (at the deepest molecular levels) from a young age. 

He was truly a brilliant inventor and I was blessed to call him dad. His guidance not only taught me how things worked, but to figure anything out. 

Fun Fact: Dad did all the original design, development, testing and programming of the original Pyxis MedStations


Now let me tell you about mom... She was a cheerleader in High School (And Homecoming Queen! Go Mom 🙌🏼) and is still going strong. 

This woman has been there for her family and devoted to the core. She was the neighborhood mom who had crafting parties with the neighborhood kids. She was the mom that was there taking care of the latch key kids on the block and it was truly a beautiful thing. 

She never turned down an adventure and is truly a little fireball to this day! I was truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother. 

Fun Fact: Mom was a health nut who never took us to regular healthcare. Aside from the times I needed stitches or a cast, it was 100% holistic health care. 


I often liken my brain to a spreadsheet filled with glitter.
I can FEEL dad's hard engineering structure, but all the spreadsheet cells are filled with glitter. 😂

I was the kid that took everything apart. I had to know how things worked. I was always curious and my parents supported that! 

This led me on to a professional career in product design/development and manufacturing. And just like dad, either freelancing or building my own products to sell. 

I've been a sound tech, welder, motorcycle mechanic, construction worker, grounds keeper, head cook at a summer camp, marketing consultant, digital designer, photographer, web designer, high end woodworker and maker of all things.

I just love figuring out how things work. ❤️ 

I love anything involved with making, fixing and figuring things out. I love systems and how it works. As I've delved deeper into healing work, I've found that people's emotions are no different. A biological machine even.